Thursday, July 16, 2009

The last full day

Yesterday morning when I had to get up early to wash all my clothes I realized that I am actually leaving here tomorrow. As I scramble around to finish up some things that I have been working it makes me sad that I am leaving. While I was in my room packing yesterday, Lipi came in and told me not to go....she told me to come back and stay for at least 6 months, America is expensive anyway. It made me smile to know that I have grown close to this family in my short stay. Uttam is constantly trying to catch me crying so that he can take a picture of me lol, I guess he will use it as blackmail.
Yesterday the sun scorched the village, a pair of jeans that I handwashed dried in one hour, sad but true. There was a wedding in the village so I got to attend another wedding. Again the food was amazing and the bride looked so beautiful. All the little children were running around playing tag while the adults sat and talked. Reminded me of all the weddings and cookouts I attend at home. After the wedding I went souvenir shopping and being at the outdoor market made me realize how much Assamese I can understand and semi-speak now. I did pretty good on my own, and even managed to do some bargaining on alreadt dirt cheap prices. Lipi's parents prepared dinner for me before I left and after two whole months, Lipi's brother finally removed his shyness and had a conversation with me. All these things are just a reminder that I have to leave here. Of course i want to go home, but in a way this is like a home to me. The children, the family, the villagers, the food lol. Na ligay Jaboh....I dont want to go :(
The good thing is that the children are back to classes today!!!! And I will be able to do the first aid workshop with the teachers. Today will be a good day, my last full day in Assam.

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