Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Smiles :)

I must say that my mouth hurts from smiling so much. It hasn't been the usual, I am smiling at you because you are staring at me smile, but the genuine smile that I get when I feel happy inside. Even in the midst of awkward silence at the beginning of the week, there were things that made me grin continuously.
The students are still on their summer vacation and half of the hostel students are still gone but I have been enjoying my time with the hostel students that are here and the occasional visit from some of the 9th graders. The hostel children have really opened up to me, the other night we danced together and we just could not stop laughing the entire time. They were excited to see my moves to the different bollywood songs and even though I was just joking around they seemed to be enjoying it. We watch Hindi soap operas together and they laugh at me as I shake my head in shame at the overly dramatic scenes. They are like my younger sisters and brothers, they help me when I need it, giggle when they see me all dressed up in a sari, and desperately question me when I am going somewhere. The thought of leaving them makes me really sad, but when I can smile with them, I know that they are happy that I am here and I should just enjoy the time that I have with them.
I had the pleasure of spending this weekend with Biju Borbaruah the founder of the Asha Darshan Trust. She is truly an amazing and dynamic person. I was able to travel close to the Bhutan-Indian border to see her work that she does with women. On Monday, I was able to travel deep into the villages with her as she did some social work with the families there. It was an awesome experience, the culture that was present in the villages was like none other. The village children were sooo cute, they all saw that I was taking pictures so they became little models posing and such. I met one little boy in the village that i will never forget. I was sitting in silence as Biju carried out her meeting when I heard someone speaking to me in English. I turned to see the cutest little boy asking me what my name was. As we conversed, he told me that his health is bad, a physical disability, but that he really wants to be a doctor when he grows older and wants to come to America to receive his college degree. At only 15 years old, this little boy had been through so much and still remains positive. The place was absolutely beautiful, the scenery, the mountains, the water, the tea gardens...but most of all the stars. Because this place is not near any cities, mostly open land with no electricity, the stars at night were amazing. Each night that I was there I spent at least 2 hours gazing in awe. Never had I seen anything like it outside of a national geographic book. The clear skies gave way to an endless amount of stars with the occasional sight of distant lightening flashes. I honestly couldn't keep my mouth closed at the sight, that is until I realized how many bugs were outside. Because Biju knew a government official, I was able to see the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. It was a good experience overall. Biju has inspired me to take some of my dreams and make them reality. At such a young age she has accomplished so much with her organization and has joined forces with others.
There was a road bandh in the state of Assam that delayed my returned to the Academy. But when I got back, it truly felt good to be home. All the children smiled as I walked to my room, and I was very happy to see that 2 of the hostel girls had returned from home. Lipi asked me to come with her to two weddings and wedding parties. I was really excited, I got to dress up in my sari and put on makeup to go to my first Indian wedding!! I really had a good time at the weddings and the parties and the food was delicious. It was really cool to see the brilliant colors of the wedding...the decorations, the bride's clothing, the flowers. I had a great time!!!

I have to go now....will post again tonight!!

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