Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a quick update

Sunday night was the first night in a long time that I have been able to enjoy the night sky. Now that moon has finished playing its almost to week long game of hide and seek, and because the current was out for the most part of yesterday, I was able to see the sky lit with stars with a strong light from the crescent moon. The view made me realize how much I will miss the Indian night sky when I depart in less than three weeks.
Friday, I cried for the first time since I left America. Promona left on Saturday, so the hostel students and the teachers presented us with traditional Assamese gifts. I understood that it was not time for me to leave, but I was emotionally reminded that I will be leaving a group of children that I have grown very close to over the past month. The children laughed as my eyes became teary...
Saturday Promona left, while it was sad to see her leave, I know that my journey must continue. It will be a little harder now that I do not have someone to translate for me, or explain things to me, etc. but that is all a part of my experience. I have become comfortable enough here to deal with the hardships on my own, I was just a little spoiled while Promona was here. I am continuing with some of the projects that were put on hold while Promona was here. I wanted to do art in particular with the hostel children, but Promona came to do art in general so I put some of the art related things that I had in mind on hold to allow her to complete her art teachings. The students will be done taking their exams on Tuesday and I am really excited about teaching them again. I am going to make the best out of the last bit of time that I have with them.
I have planned a workshop for the teachers to all learn about the items in the first aid kit so that they can treat the children in case of an emergency. I am anxious to participate in this workshop because so many accidents and mishaps have happened only in my short time being here, and it is crucial that the teachers know how to handle these situations after I leave. After having the workshop with the teachers, I will have the same workshop with the 9th grade students. If there is not an adult present in the case of an emergency, the older children should know what to do as well. The grade 9 students will also design the actual first aid box that will be kept in the office. I am hoping that this will all go well come the middle of the week.
Remember that picture that I put up of me getting the mahendi during the Ambubashi mela...well that very picture is what landed me in the hospital on Saturday. Because I decided to get the henna tattoo done with the stamp, I risked having an allergic/hypersensitive reaction to the combination of the metal/henna powder. My skin burned and became highly irritated, and I was afraid that it had gotten infected. Fortunately, after my trip to the hospital, I was told that it was not an infection, but merely an allergic reaction. I must say that it wasn't the best doctors visit that I have had. The doctor was very rude and did not want to give me any information before he had decided that I needed 2 injections. I had only asked what was the diagnosis and he acted as if he did not have the time to explain it to me, as a matter of fact that is what he said. Needless to say, I waited for an explanation and received the two injections along with a prescription and a " If this doesn't work, then find a dermatologist." Everything is fine now and my arm is healing well.
Yesterday it rained all day, and I woke up this morning with the same scenery. It has not been raining like it should be. I am happy because with the rain comes a nice, and much needed, cool down. I have visitors coming so I don't have time to write, but I will post again tonight!!

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  1. DJ,
    God bless you..and nothing will happen to the tattooed arms.. just accept the temporary unpleasantaries as a blessing from Ma Kamakhya.. yes, she is very powerful!

    I was going through your previous posts and liked your following line most:
    Although I have been here only one month, I am so comfortable I often feel like I have lived here for years.

    Hope that makes you come back here again sometime in future, after you depart 3 weeks from now..

    P. Bora