Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The point of the summer festival was to allow the children to participate in different art assignments outside/during school hours to be on display for an art exhibition. A segment of the festival was wall painting where the children were allowed to paint the walls of their classroom to bring color to the class and to give a personal contribution to the aura of the classroom. Parents were invited and were intrigued by the work of their own. The students were given a free day to draw and paint during the festival as sort of a relaxing period before their exams. This festival meant a lot to me because I am not able to have full conversations with the students and art projects are the best way for me to communicate with the students. I had a lot of fun and hopefully there will be another summer festival next year at Parijat Academy.

Promona and I addressing the assembly at the end of the festival, thanking the students for participating.

The finished wall artwork

Nursery and KG teachers

Face Painting

The students painting the wall

The set-up/ morning assembly

Face painting...and NO that is not water on my blouse, it was just THAT hot

The setup

Promona and I in our "lingerie" preparing for the festival

Promona helping children line up for the assembly

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  1. Hey Dhaujee,

    We love your little lingerie thingy thing. You look like Momma with that blue dress thing. Oh and by the way, Momma said she wants one just like it.

    -Your Family