Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things are going well here in Guwahati. It has been extremely hot lately. On Monday, another volunteer came from Kolcata named Promona. Uttam had told me that she was coming but he didnt tell me that she would be staying for a month. When I found this out I was very excited. We are the same age and she speaks fluent English, so now I have someone that I can be social with. She speaks Bangoli but she doesnt understand much Assamese so we both are affected by the language barrier. Having someone here to relate to and talk to makes the time much more easy.
While the children are opening up like small flowers, the teachers still seem a little hesitant to talk, maybe because they dont speak fluent english, or maybe they are shy... I dont know. Because I do not speak Asssamese and I understand that it is difficult for the children to learn what I am teaching. I use a lot of interactive assignments using groups of children, role play, dictation, objects, etc so that the children can understand and retain the concepts and have a lot of fun. I believe that it is important to imagine yourself as he child and think "will I ACTUALLY keep this information this way??" The teachers teach English to the children by assigning them book work and speaking to them in Assamese. This is not helpful for the students to actually learn EnglishBecause of this Uttam proposed that we (Promona and I) put together a communication workshop for the teachers. This will be an excellent way for me to show the teachers different teaching styles that will enhance the children's learning...and make it more enjoyable for both the teacher and the student. I am really excited about this!!
I am learning Assamese slowly. It is actually kind of cool. I can say some things and when I say them, all the children smile in disbelief lol.
Tomorrow there will be more news reporters coming to interview me about my experience and my choice to come to Parijat Academy. Im a little nervous...but things should be ok. Some came on Tuesday and it was fine. I have kiddies to teach now....but I will post again tomorrow!!

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  1. Nice to see your writeup about your experience in Parijat Academy, Kelly!

    Partha Gogoi
    Fairfax VA